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3/12 Walterfootball NFL Mock Draft - 1st/2nd rd picks same as NFLDraftCountdown's


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3/12 WalterFootball Mock

WalterFootball's 3/12 Falcons mock:

1st - Justin Houston, DE-Georgia

2nd - Jerrel Jernigan, WR-Troy

3rd - Luke Stocker, TE-Tennessee

4th - Dwayne Harris, WR-East Carolina

5th - Roy Helu, RB-Nebraska

6th - Devon Torrance, CB-Ohio State

That is a decent effort but I don't see us doubling up at WR especially taking one in 4th round.....Stocker is probably a good pick for Mike Mularkey because he can block and catch. Helu is a bigger back and not as fast as I would like but a good back all the same.

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I like that draft and would be ecstatic if we could pick up Stocker. I watched him play at Tennessee and the guy has all the potential in the world. Like you said he can catch and block which is really important for TEs in our system.

agreed, I like Stocker and would not be upset if we took him in 3rd round or later. However, I kind of would like to wait until 2012 to draft a TE. I would be OK either way though.

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I really do think the Falcons are "HOT" on Jernigan - not just because these two guys living in their basements putting their mocks together say so either. Seems there are some reports - Rotoworld being one - discussing the Falcons scouting Jernigan.

I think it would be a good pick.

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