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I just took a cruise to the Caribean

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I just got back from a week cruise to the Eastern Carribean, Saw Puerto Rico, St Martin and St Thomas. It was on the Celebrity Solstice pretty boat and we had a great cruise a week ago.

In November they had a Norovirus outbreak, thats basically stomach flu, you puke, diarhea and have a fever, they had about 350-400 people including crew that got it. :(

They had another one between now and then, I knew about going on the cruise and I was real wary to clean my hands and use the hand sanitzer and I had enough alcohol in me would kill about anything. lol :P

I just read where the same boat the week after, they got hit with the norovirus again.

:( about 150 this time.

The crew was used to everything going on, one person got sick in the the Buffet dining room, but I never knew if it was the virus, they had this little dude in a hazmat suit having to clean it up. :(

Thats one thing that got me, now I have read on this cruise where people were puking in the hallways, now I think its common sense, if you feel the urge, you haul azz to the bathroom, I have about knocked people down then to hurl on them. Or should you just let it fly?

Now looking at this poor little dude in the hazmat suit, going what on earth in the 2nd moon from He-ll did I deserve to have to clean up peoples puke for a living. :P I felt sorry for him. Like sure, don't make a effort to get to the toilet, just let it Fly. I'll clean it up. :P

If you go on a cruise, Use the hand sanitizer, what I have heard about this virus, you might wish you had. :(


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My link If they can't clean every nook and cranny on that ship, they ought to sink that mofo! :wacko::wacko: Getting the same illness on the same ship over and over again ain't cool!

Or is this ish being picked up in the islands? I had a friend and his wife to take a cruise 'tween 7 - 9 yrs ago, had the same thing happen. Same cruise line that I remember!

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Hand sanitizer is sometimes not enough because the virus is passed through a method called 'fecal-oral', meaning that if one of the workers making food has the virus and isnt wearing gloves, then any person that eats anything they prepare will probably be contaminated with the virus.

Everyone must wash their hands regularly and vigorously to ward off the virus, but it is VERY virulent...meaning that it doesnt need many viral particles to infect and make you sick as a dog.

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Nooooo ... I'm going on a cruise this summer and we're going to have a balcony room.

We had a balcony room too, still can catch you anywhere you are and puke off your balcony. :P

Just use the hand sanitzers they give wash your hands a good bit and bring your own pen, like when you buy a drink, they swipe your card and you have to sign for it and the last 20 puking people all have been touching that Pen, Get it. ;) Also watch for dumbazzs that are in the buffet and grab stuff with their hands. I saw a crewmember watch someone do that they just took the whole dish and dumped it. :P They don't take chances. ;)

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