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Maybe use a condom brometheus.

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Shout out to Primetime dying from that name.

But yeah we should do the trade Danny is a stand up guy and a true american. We can't have heathens like Turner on our team.

Heathen? Really? Are we in the dark ages now? Friggin' sweet, I cant wait to joust some saints fan in the dome. Stabbing some Taints tard in the grill with a giant stick would be money.

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What's wrong with ignoring what he has going on in his PERSONAL life?? A bit judgemental are we? Are you some sort of God?

He is a public figure who generates his wealth from people like me who are the customers as an STH who help to fund this. This is a blog, goober. I didn't initiate this topic only offered an opinion--you know, like people do on blogs?

Mike Vick had a "personal life" that went ignored or overlooked...how'd that turn out?

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shouldn't you confirm the story is true before passing judgement(really shouldnt do it then) on him?

You are absolutely right! Mine was an extemporaneous reaction without first confirming the truth. I hope this is false.

Sorry, but this is a subject that touches a nerve with me. Many years ago I founded a "Men's Retreat" that meets every November in the North Georgia Mountains. It has grown to well over 100 men and our meetings center around a standing central theme: "Balance and Priorities: How to be Better Husbands, Better Fathers, Better Better Friends, Better Men." We deliberately incorporate men of all races, faiths or not, and from all walks of life ranging from highly successful businessmen and professionals across the board to homeless or broken men right off the streets. We all wear Blue Jeans and Sweatshirts and we are all a brotherhood treating everyone the same. I can tell you I have witness many miracles and changed men over the years.

IF this story is true, my heartburn is not with Michael Turner's ability to see or finance his kids; my heartburn is how his reckless behavior affects something much more important than child support--his ability to be a steady and positive influence in the lives of 7 kids with 4 different woman. You see, I think having both a mother AND a father in the home (if they are good, solid parents) is an essential ingredient to provide a child the best possible opportunity for emotional growth and maturity. I see this in my two daughters. I know how more secure and happy they were when after a long business trip I would return home. As my wife always said, "they are always more happy and content when they see us together."

This is as far as I'm going on this topic. I will recuse myself moving forward. I simply am thinking about those seven children (again, if true) and realistically how much time Michael Turner can play football and spend sufficient fatherly time in four different homes. I am not at all suggesting Michael Turner is a "bad" man. I would hope he or anyone else pause for moment before unzipping their pants and think about the precious lives he may create that will need his time and devotion and how without it they may be affected down this road called life.

And forgive me for judging...I'm an imperfect man too!

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WTF is wrong with you people? Someone post a link to some shady media website that says Turner has some kids from several different women and you are ready to crucify the man! You want to see what kind of guy Michael Turner is? Go to the community section of this site and see how much he does for our community.

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