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I try to put together mocks with information I get about the Falcons on the internet.... Hit me back with some feedback.

Round 1: Justin Houston DE Georgia

Outside of Jonthan Baldwin, Houston is my favorite player in this draft. I think he can come in and give the Falcons a 8 sack season as a rookie. I love consistancy in college when it comes to drafting players, and Houston was consistant in the SEC which is by far the toughest conference in college football. He weighed in at the combine at 6'2 270 pounds, which took him out of that 3-4 OLB discussion(at least in my opinion). With Houston at the LDE position and Biermann and Sidbury in a pass rush rotation the Falcons can finally start converting pressures and hurries into sacks. I've got to believe that the Falcons have been doing their homework on on Houston for sometime now and it only makes sense for them to go after him.

Round 2: Leonard Hankerson WR Miami University

I know his stock has kind of dropped of. I have to be honest and say I don't exactly know why. Anyone? His stock was sky rocketing after the Senior Bowl and then he ran a good forty at the combine... but since then I don't know what happened. I know he's not an explosive player like Cobb or Young appear to be on tape, but he looks plenty good as a reciever in the videos I've seen. He has some deep ball ability and he works the middle of the field well. He reminds me of Miles Austin when I see him on tape. The Falcons don't really have a lot of drastic needs after DE, so it might be a slight reach but Hankerson is worth it in my opinion.

Round 3: Kendall Hunter RB Ok St

I know he's not a burner in the 40 yard dash. But I put on the tape and watch him break away. I don't care what I guy runs at the combine in shorts... I want to see what he does in a game. Hunter's 40 time doesn't translate to on the field. He catches the ball very well and can block better than Tuner. The Falcons love big 12 players because it is a conference that plays in space with all the different spread offenses. I originaally had them taking Murray but I think Hunter is the more well rounded player. He migh not have the speed of Murray but he makes up with it with his blocking, lack of injuries, and ability to run between the tackles.

Round 4: Buster Skirne CB Chattanooga

If you haven't seen the tape on this dude look him up on youtube. I don't know who it was that originally posted his name on the fourms... but props. D Led of the AJC was even talking about him in his article today. The guy is just a baller and I described his playing style as somewhere between reckless and fearless. The only knock I have on him is that he is a little over 5'9 but then again so is Brent Grimes and Skirne would be playing the nickle against smaller receivers anyway. He's not afraid of contact with bigger players. He has a swagger like William Moore did in college and I like that becasue Moore has brought a little attiude to the defense which is what they needed. Off the field he is a TD and Smith character guy. Humble, family man, great student, and active in the community.

Round 5: Julius Thomas TE Portland State

I orginially had him going in the 6th round but his stock has climbed a little. There aren't that many teams that have a need at TE so he should fall into the 5th round. Everyone knows the story about him being a basketball player, and possibly the next Jimmy Graham. Hopefully he can come in and compete for that 3rd TE position behind Gonzo and Peele, and develope into a starter next year after learning from Tony for a year.

Round 6: Douglas Hogue OLB Syracuse

He's a former high school linebacker/ running back that played running back in college for 2 years than transitioned back to linebacker his junior year. He's a ver good athlete and will immediatly be able to be a contributor on special teams, and maybe with some experience and coaching up he can be a solid back up and provide good depth.

Round 7: Vidal Hazelton WR Cinncinati

It's a shot in the dark but it's a risk worth taking in my opinion. He was highly recruited in high school and then things didn't really pan out in college. He wants to play for the Falcons and the Falcons have shown interest. He can come into camp as a body and compete with Miere and Douglas who I don't really have confidence in coming off their own injuries.

Round 7: Greg McElroy QB Alabama

I know a QB.... Redman is getting up there and the Falcons could really use a younger reliable QB. They already have one former Tide QB on the roster in Wilson. McElroy comes from a Pro Style offense and is a highly intelligent person and QB. He's just the type of player the Falcons love to have in the locker room. At best he's a solid back up and turns out he becomes trade bait a few years down the road for a team in need of a QB. At worst he challenges Wilson for that 3rd spot on the depth chart.

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