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See you guys next season

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It will be a good match. And like Gbpack10 mentioned I can see a rivalry rising between the Falcons and Packers in the 2000 teen years. Much like Packers and Dallas of the 90's. We played nearly every year and played in the playoffs often. God I still hate the Cowgirls. Oh well, the Ryan-AROD matchup will continue through the years, I think AROD gets you this year. Watch out for Finley boys, he will be a monster this year.

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ryan is 2-1 against rodgers, think we're winning :P

Rodgers and the Pack are 1-0 against the Falcons when it matters most. :D Those two regular season games you guys won were just practice games for us. :D You guys can have those two games cause they were pretty much preseason games compared to the playoff game between our two teams.

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hey at least pack fans maintain a sense of class, unlike some aints fans i know

Absolutely! I don't hate the pack like I do the taints. Taint fans can only talk about how badly the falcon suck. You dont get the number 1 seed without being good. I dont say the saints got lucky winning the superbowl. They are a good team that can beat the falcons, thats why I hate them. I don't hate the panthers because they aren't competing yet. More pack fans told me why they should be the better team instead of making fun of our team where the saints fans mostly yell about how bad the falcons suck. BTW I hate falcons fans who only talk junk about other teams too. If they weren't good teams, we wouldn't be talking about them.

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