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I'll be quick and too the point. Steve Slaton. Yea i know pass right, but once i started to think about i couldnt get the thought out of my head. he can do it all and would be a great rotation with our current backs. he is on a squad who has Foster, Ward, and Tate(but he got put on IR in preseason i think). He is going into his last year of his rookie deal and its pretty cheap. I know the front office said we were keeping all the running backs but we all know that slaton is better than our number 4 and 5 running back whoever they are(they only had 11 carries this year). He was picked in the thrid round, plus his lack of playing time the past two years we could have him for probably a 6th or 7th. Now thats thinking like a GM, haha Just a thought... disscuss


some links of his info



*the second one shows his contract situation from the Texans message board.

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I watched his whole career at WVU. I don't think this is that crazy an idea, but you said he's better than the 4th and 5th running back. Well there's only going to be 3 active on gameday and Mughelli so someone's going to have to go because I don't think they'd sign a guy like that and stick on the practice squad or leave him off the gameday roster. I'd hesitate to jettison Snelling because his size and versatility, but Norwood maybe. I've still got hope for him but the injuries are becoming too much to ignore.

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