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Whoever suggested taxact.com....

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Thank you, kind sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar Or a lady beyond reproach if that is your gender.

Just did mine online, Fed and state together with E file and Direct deposit was 17 bucks. it was easy as pie and as painless as a babies kiss. I would suggest it to anyone.

And I got back more than H& R block's tax calculator said.

Thank you Mr Obama!.

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I didn't recommend it, but I'm going to take credit for it.

You're welcome.

Mr. Pencilpusher,

Unlike falcon bob here ^^^^^ (who admits that he did not recommend this :o ), I suffer from a condition known as CRS and possibly did, although I do not remember taking this action. :unsure: (However, it's possible I remember your thread and may have even responded).

In light of my CRS condition, and the slim chance that I may actually be responsible for this recommendation -_- , I recommend that you dismiss the falsified claim by falcon bob in this matter and give me the credit unless or until the rightful person (if not me) comes forth with documented proof of their involvement in this matter. :D

In conclusion, I believe that my claim is better than his claim.

Your decision in this matter is very much appreciated.

Oh, you're welcome (just in case it was me). :lol:

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I recommend printing out the forms, getting a pen and a calculator, and just fill out the forms yourself and mail them in. Most tax software appliations contain errors, and the IRS will hold you responsible for the tax return no matter who (or what) prepared it. Income tax reporting really is not that difficult.

I haven't tried taxact, but I might next year.

This is my 10th year using Tax Cut or Turbo Tax. I've never had any problems or errors. They did call my charitable contributions into question once, but I had supporting docs, and they were satisfied. The software is the way to go, and especially since I use it year after year - it imports last year's info, and even calculated a carry over for me this year which saved me money - something I would have never seen by trying to do it by myself.

Fred casts one vote for Tax Prep Software.....................^_^

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