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At least I'm energized by the fact that you don't give somebody a 1 year deal if you have faith in them.

This will likely be his swan song, and I like the idea of having a much longer lead time to find the best candidate. Your AD can be a mistake you don't get to fix often.

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McGarity’s successor will be another puppet. That’s just how things go at UGA. We could bring in someone who has a much better grasp on dealing with people and being receptive to/proactive with advancing athletics across the board... but the bottom line is that the UGA athletic director does as he is told. Our AD, in principal, is not running point on pushing athletics to higher levels. I’d like to at least have someone who is proactive with bringing ideas to the table and doesn’t complain about projects like the indoor practice facility the way McGarity did. Y’all remember him asking if minds change with a certain amount of rain? Doofus.

The more promising or at least interesting development imo is Don Leebern being forced out of his position on the board of regents by Brian Kemp. Discussion can obviously get too political for the college board, but Kemp is apparently a huge proponent for UGA athletics and Leebern has been a huge problem in the past. Kemp used a technicality to void the appointments based on the timeframe (and who the submission was sent to) which Deal submitted Leebern and 2 others for new 7 year reappointments to the board before leaving office.

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16 hours ago, usmcdirtybird said:

Looks like Auburn and Tennessee games being switched in 2020 schedule.  auburn in early October and Tennessee in November.  



From what I understand, it’s a temporary change due to the fact that the SEC does the scheduling and simply flipping Auburn’s home/away rotation with UGA can’t be done until the current slate has run its course. That would seem to be through 2024.

Auburn is open to playing at UGA twice from what I’ve read, but the issue seems to stem from a chain reaction affecting how many home games each team has without balancing the full conference schedule.

Kirby is on board with all of it though. He’s fine with flipping the Auburn and Tennessee dates and he wants Auburn to return the home/away series rotation with two trips to Athens. It doesn’t sound like the two games at UGA can be scheduled until 2024/2025 though.

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