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Would you watch replacement players?


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  1. 1. If there is a work stoppage in the NFL and teams dressed replacement players, would you watch?

    • For sure, football is football and I need it every Sunday from September to January!
    • No way, those guys aren't the real NFL players and I'm not going to waste my time or money!
    • It depends on how my favourite team is doing.

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There won't be replacement players because its a lockout not a strike. Its the owners who are the ones blocking the players not the other way around.

Thanks for clarifying! I hope people respond in general on the topic of replacement players. I wasn't sure because I know in some states you can lock-out workers and hire replacements.

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Heck I have watched pro football, college football, and High School football.

I even been know to watch Jr. High games. Even my sons 5,6,7 year old games

I watched European Football and Canadian football

Years ago on wide wide world of sports you could even get an Australian football game once in a while.


So why not watch replacements.

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I would watch if we were wining. Chances are that the lockout wouldn't last all season and those games could make the difference in a playoff run. I wouldn't care as much and my stress level would be considerably lower. Kinda like soccer or a Saint fan. I'll watch if we are good, if not and we suck, I didn't care anyway.

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This may be a moot point if the NFL can't legally hire replacement players if the owners lock out the players (so forgive my labour law ingnorance).

I vote NO - this isn't the real NFL and I'm not going to reward the owners by watching their replacements after they locked out the players.

Yea man., I did in 84 ...it was kind of refreshing to watch guys play who were not total primma donnas thinking they were automatically entitled to millions and millions because they could run fast with a ball .....this new union head is nothing but a media whore who wants to propagate his own agenda .... the players are already receiving 60 % of total revenue .....if that aint good enough for them, fk em ....I'll watch college ball .....

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