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How good was Heimerdinger?


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When the team was struggling - think a few years towards the end with McNair where he was bombing away 40 times a game and there was no reliable running game - Heimerdinger was looked at as a guy whose offense was too wordy, overly complicated in places, stale in others and overall lacking in creativity. Titan fans clamored for his dismissal.

It was a great day in Tennesee when Norm Chow came in to clean up the mess, hot off his masterpiece of a USC National Championship season. Then a few years later, with Chow floundering and the offense stalled, everyone was clamoring for Heimerdinger to return, which he did.

When they were 13-3 he was praised for his tough, no frills offense that featured physical running game and adequate passing attack and was looked at as an upper level playcaller.

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