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Question For My Caucasian Bros.


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Not into hip hop at all but I always liked Public Enemy and I was fond of Arrested development because they had more of a positive message. And I really liked A Tribe called Quest back in the day. But when it all became about Rims and money and Ho's, I would never listen again.

I liked a lot of the social issues in early hip hop, and it reminded me of early punk, trying to get a message through. Both of those genres have very little to say that I want to hear any more, sadly.

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I love UGK's old stuff. All of it. I remember when I mainly listened to rap, the only things that were in my cd player was Dirty Money, Ridin Dirty, and Too Hard to Swallow. Those dudes were something vicious and far beyond their time. There was a period when Pimp C was in jail where you couldn't hear a song with a Bun-B verse and I loved it. Then they kind of got mainstream and I lost a little interest in rap. Lil Wayne is doing a nice job holding it down right now, but for me UGK will always be king.

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My experience with rap/hip hop will forever be equated with these particular albums.

All from my high school years and yes....very mainstream.

Dr. Dre "The Chronic"

Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle"

Tupac "All Eyes on Me"

Notorious B.I.G. "Ready to Die"

A Tribe Called Quest "Beats, Ryhmes & Life"

Outkast "ATLiens"

Fugees "The Score"

Beastie Boys "Ill Communication"

Once I got to college my musical tastes and interests went in a totally different direction.

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Don't like the new stuff at all but I did listen to LL Cool J, Run DMC, Fresh Prince, Young MC, Tone Loc. You know, stuff that everyone could relate to. Today's music ain't got the same soul--wait a minute--I mean today's rap seems to not be as "inclusive" as it used to be IMO.

Then again, I love reggae and that wasn't exactly made to be "inclusive" either... :lol:

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Run DMC would have to be the nominee if just one had to be chosen. But I think there are two categories of enjoyment I had with Rap/Hip Hop during the time where I thought the music was good and socially meaningful.

The DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, etc. category of entertainers that were hip hop/party music, and the "gangsta rap" that evolved as more underground social messaging until it became mainstream crap. Ice T was the game changer for me here (loved Colors), and caused me to like every thing from early Public Enemy and Snoop Dogg, to N.W.A., Ice Cube, and Too Short.

True story, I did a presentation in a Comparative Religion class in college showing the socially redeeming aspects of "gangsta rap". Ice T's "Cop Killer" album was one of my exhibits.

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Tupac and Bone Thugs are my favorites, but I like a lot of hip-hop...

Don't really get white folks' obesession with Kweli, ATCQ, KRS-One, Rakim, etc... Seems to be the central theme of this thread as well, and you see it quite a bit... And yes I've heard/owned multiple albums from all of these artists...

But then again, as evidenced by my opinions in the Black Eyed Peas and Goo Goo Dolls threads, I'm obviously a music simpleton so I guess I wouldn't understand... :D

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