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D-Line Depth

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Although the majority of great defenses run a 3-4 scheme in todays NFL, there have been some great 4-3 ones in the past few years as well. I looked into the '07 Giants team and their NFL leading sack numbers and compared them to this years Falcons stats....

'07 Giants:

- 53 Team sacks = 1st in NFL

- 36.5 sacks from Defensive Ends (Tuck 10, Strahan 9, Osi 13, Kiwanuka 4.5)

'10 Falcons:

- 31 Team sacks = 20th in NFL

- 19 sacks from Defensive Ends (Abraham 13, Davis 1, Anderson 2, Bierman 3)

As you can see, the Giants sucsess came from their depth at DE and having the ability to rotate quality players all throughout the game. It's obvious that adressing the LDE postition is a hot topic on these boards but I think that its gonna take even more attention than just a FA signing or a draft pick. Lets say the Falcons do get a guy like Charles Johnson or Ray Edwards in FA, I think a DE should still be considered in the first round of the draft too. Imagine the Falcons DE depth with Abraham, Bierman, Sidbury, Charles Johnson, and Ryan Kerrigan. Thats a D-Line that can scare teams and make the defense behind them play better. Is having an elite D-line worth sacrificing available resources that can be used to adress other areas of need. BTW, the Giants won the super bowl that year.

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