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PTCFalcon First Draft of Offseason 2011


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PTC Falcon Mock Off-Season - 2-6-11

First and foremost, I believe the Falcons are very close to being able to draft the best player available instead of for need. Depending on our own free agents that we sign and what we do in free agency….we’re very close. So that could change everything, but for Mock Draft purposes, I will propose a draft/off-season based on need…….

Our Free Agents

Resign - Clabo, Blalock, Weems, Grimes, Nicholas, Snelling, Bryant, Koenen, Walker, Lewis, JPW, Norwood (only for a minimum contract - 1 more shot)

Let Go - Dahl, Peterson, Wire, Brian Williams, Peterson, Finneran


DE, Nickel CB, WR, RB (3rd down-speed), LB depth, S depth, TE (future), SPEED

Cornerback - Falcons like their line up with Robinson and Grimes locked as starters and Owens and Franks in the 3rd and 4th spots. Williams is probably done. We need a strong nickel back. I think that we will address in FA - vet with years of playing experience or high in the draft.

Defensive End - TD wants to develop his young DE’s (Bierman and Sidbury) . He wants them to develop into key rotational players. Abraham probably only has 1 or 2 years left. Interior DT’s expected to play better and create more opportunities for DE’s. I think that we sign a vet DE to play immediately and draft a DE with mid round pick. Davis may not make the cut this year.

Linebacker - Great young line up. Lofton, Nicholas and Weatherspoon will start next year. Peterson and Wire may be brought back as back up (but I think that they are done). Haven’t seen enough out of Adkins yet. James continues to stick around-they must see something. I think that we spend one or two picks on depth/developmental type players. Looking for speed and playmaking ability. Must bring Nicholas back.

Offensive Line - What they do in free agency resigning our guys will greatly impact what we do here. Hard to project until we know. I think all agree that we need a better performance from Sam Baker but I don‘t think they are ready to spend significant resources to go in a different situation. We have Johnson, Hawley, Valdez and Reynolds waiting for a shot. I think at least one gets their shot this year to replace Dahl. Svitek has been a good back up and is only 29. I think that we look for developmental left tackle in draft if Baker doesn’t get it together this season.

Defensive Tackle - This is a make or break year for Jerry. 2nd year after knee surgery usually the year. Peters looked great as a rookie and will benefit from a whole year in weight program. Walker has 2 years of experience and played great at times. Babs is Babs. Lewis shows moments but will probably not come back. If he doesn’t, look for team to add a draft pick to the line or a vet. Or JA98 is asked to put on 20 to 30 lbs and compete for DT position. If we add a guy, I hope that he is 320+.

Tight End - I don’t know what we do here. Gonzo, Peele and Palmer got it done this year. I don’t think that a good vet would want to come in with Gonzo still here. Not a good draft class for TE. I think that we may sit on this for this year. Bring in undrafted or late round to compete at position. I would like to see us bring back Peak for another shot also.

Wide Receiver - We need 2 players here. We need a solid #2 and a speed/slot receiver. Harry could be the answer but….. We need to see it now. 2nd year after a knee injury is usually the year. I think that we grab a veteran for that #2 spot and draft the speed guy. I like what we saw from Meyer in training camp. I like Jenkins better than most people that post. I think that if we grab a vet #2 and slot guy in draft that we can turn this into a strength of the team.

Safety - I think that we are set at the starting spots with DeCoud and Moore. Shan looked good in spots this year before injury (don‘t think his injury was serious just too late in season to wait around). I don’t know what we do with Coleman. I would like to see him stay at lower pay unless we can get a lot for him. I think that we add a late draft pick here for depth. A vet also if we loose Coleman.

Round Selected - It’s very hard to project the round this far out. My criteria was that at least 2 professional sites had to show my selections in that round. So some may rise or fall, but as of 2-1-10, at least 2 experts have these guys going in same rounds/selections as I have.



1. Trade Chris Redman to Minnesota ( or TN if Mularky gets the job there) for late round draft pick and/or future pick. Coaches often like to bring in a vet from their previous team to help the rest of the team adapt to offense. Estimated - 7th Round in 2011.

Free Agents Acquisitions

Wide Receiver

Roy Williams - WR 6’3” 215 and 29 years old with 4.4 Forty Time

Everyone wants Fitz or Holmes or Jackson. Williams has similar size and more speed. I am not saying as good as Fitz, but…. Just two years ago Dallas gave up a fortune for him. He, like many was caught in the mess that was the Cowboys. I know that he is not a free agent now, but all indications are that he will be released by Cowboys (they can‘t trade him with his contract). Should be able to get him at reasonable salary with something to prove. The work ethic of Falcons team should benefit him greatly. We also will look for speedy slot type guy in draft. My second choice for FA WR would be Mike Sims-Walker from Jax (6‘2“ 210 with 4.3 / 4.4 Forty Time).

Defensive End

Ray Edwards (MN) - DE 6’ 5” 268 and 26 years old

I like Johnson from the Panthers like everyone else. I don’t see us giving the panties high draft picks on top of big money for him. If he becomes UFA then yes, grab him. Edwards has been very productive and is still young and is an unrestricted free agent. He has good pass rush numbers and is stout against the run. All indications are that MN has other top priorities in free agency and some young players behind him to move into his spot.

Back Up Quarterback

Alex Smith (49’ers) - 6’4” 217 and 26 years old

Smith is an unrestricted free-agent. Alex is the mold of player that the falcons team like. He is extremely smart, good size and has good starting experience. He would be an upgrade to our back up QB’s. Would replace Redman. Many are knocking him but he has dealt with many changes at the head coach and coordinator position with many different systems in his short time in NFL. Why not come to one of the most stable environments in the league and extend his career.


ROUND 1 (27th pick) -

Aaron Williams - CB - Texas - 6’0” 192 with 4.4 Forty Time



I think Williams is the third best CB in the draft. Has great speed and the best ball skills in the 2nd tier off CB’s (after Peterson and Prince). Perfect for slot and will create turnovers. High character, high effort player. Loves to hit. Good blitzer. Has forced 6 fumbles in 3 years and blocked 4 punts.

ROUND 2 (64th pick)

Jerrel Jernigan - WR/3rd down back - Troy - 5’9” 190 with 4.3 Forty Time



The more I read on this guy, the more I like him. He could serve as our slot reciever and our 3rd down back. Lots of speed, high character, hard worker. To quote one website….he is a bigger, faster Dester Mcluster. He runs good routes and gets good seperation. Very elusive in the open field and can help in the return game. Exact same size as Locke from Kentucky that many on this board want as third down back but faster and better in open field.

ROUND 3 (96th pick )

Mark Herzlick - LB - Boston College - 6’4” 238 with 4.65 Forty time



This guy would have been a high first round pick before his bought with Cancer. He is TD and Smith kind of guy. High effort guy, team leader, high football IQ. Got better as 2010 went along. Loves football. Can back up multiple positions and play special teams. We need 4th linebacker to play in different sets and to back up starters with Peterson not coming back (projection). Good speed for his position.


Greg Romeus - DE - Pittsburg - 6’5” 270 with 4.7 Forty Time



Prototypical size and great speed for the position. Very productive in college. Good against run and pass. Good character and hard worker. Lots of upside and will have time to develop. Fast for his size and position.


James Brewer - OT - Indiana - 6’8” 335 with 5.3 Forty Time


Developmental prospect for LT or RT. Good size and potential. Biggest knock is strength which he can develop better in NFL.


Mason Foster - LB Washington 6’1” 241 with 4.66 Forty Time



Can play all three LB positions. Playmaker and leader. First team Pac-10. Team Leader, hard worker, fast and physical. Foster and Herzlick make solid back-ups and role players. Also contribute immediately on special teams. His draft stock could have been higher but played on a bad defense. May need to move up a little to get him.

ROUND 7 (From Detroit - Houston)

**May need to use our other 7th round picks to trade up into 6th

Charles Clay - TE/FB/RB/HB - Tulsa 6’3” 245 with 4.60 Forty Time



Has played Full back, H-back, Tight end, running back and even wildcat. Good athlete that is kind of a tweener so not rating at the top of any list. Falcons like versatile players. Looks like he could be a playmaker of special teams and be a role player on offense at multiple positions. Possibly groomed to take on some of the work load after Gonzalez retires. May save us a roster spot by being able to back up multiple positions. Pretty much same body and skills as Kendricks (2nd round TE prospect - just played at smaller school in a different role)

ROUND 7 (From Vikings - Redman)

Mark LeGree - Safety - Appalachian State - 6’0” 200 with 4.5 Forty Time


Very productive player in College. Ball hawk and Thumper. Team Leader. From Columbus GA. Great speed for position.

ROUND 7 (from Patriots - Ojinacka)

-Use this pick to move up in draft to get players earlier in round

ROUND 7 (Falcons 7th rounder)

-Use this pick to move up in draft to get players earlier in round


1. Josh Nesbitt - RB/Athlete - Georgia Tech - 6’1” 217 with 4.5 Forty Time

OK, I am a Georgia Tech fan. This guy is a winner. Can play multiple positions. Tough as nails. Couldn’t hurt to bring him in and compete in training camp. Could spend some time on practice squad and find his true position. Scouts have said could be RB, FB, H-back, Safety, Linebacker. Anthony Allen from GT might be another good RB pick-up if he doesn’t get drafted.

2. Kris Durham - WR - Georgia - 6’5” 215 with 4.5 Forty Time

I love watching this guy play. He catches everything. Has dealt with a lot of injuries but shows up big in big situations. Great speed for his size.

3. Jah Reid - OT - Central Florida - 6’7” 315 with 5.25 Forty TimeHe may get drafted late but if he falls out of draft, would love to pick him up or another developmental OT. All Conference USA 1st team OT. Has some good tools but need some developmental time.

4. Running Back - Speed

5. Cornerback - Speed/Quickness

6. Defensive Tackle/ Nose Tackle - Large

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well where do i start, i think your assesments are good, and i like some things and dont on the other. Im not really a williams fan, he a underachevier, and disappers in games. no problem with edwards but dont love him. mason foster will never last as far as you have him. jerrigan is a different story. I agree we need 2 wr's on this team. But for whatever reason ryan doesnt like these small guys. As far as TE, there is one guy i would make a move on in the kid miller from oak. If i couldnt get him i would wait this year. Im kinda all over the place on this but not bad just needs some tweaking.

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you put a lot of thought in this and overall not bad. just a couple of things though.

first herzlich got exposed at the senior bowl. i would rather go casey mathews with the 3rd round pick

second. no way mason foster lasts into the 6th he is projected as a late 2nd rounder

third i would not use the 27th pick on williams, i would trade back maybe but not take him with the 27th,

fourth i read an article out of detroit on the houston trade. aparently since detroit already traded away their 7th, and their 6th but picked up phillys 6th someone who works for nfl network reported that the falcons will receive the 6th round pick that det got from philly number 23 of the round. so this is good news it basically doubles the value. we could package the 2 6th rounders and get a additional 5th rounder. this could be crucial because that is the round a lot of ol will be picked.

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Great feedback so far... thanks


Yep, I would love to get Zack Miller but I don't think that Raiders let him go and if he were a UFA, I don't think he comes to us with Gonzo here but I would love to have him.

Mason Foster.... I hear you on both responses so far. I have seen a mock from an expert that had him in second, but have seen more than 4 that had him where I drafted him or later. It's very early, I know that seperation will close in the next couple months getting closer to draft and I will revise.

Redman trade.... I hear you saying that this is waste, but Alex Smith is much better than Redman, is younger and has more starting experience. Don't think he will cost a lot more if any than Redman's contract now and we gain a late pick... I can live with that. Sounds like Niners are going to try to keep him as back up though but I think it would be good move.

As far as Williams....I haven't seen him play live so I am going off the dozens of articles and postings I have read on the 3-6 ranked CB's. I would be happy with 3 or 4 of them but I picked him. I am sure some things may change in ranking between here and draft.

Thanks for feedback. This is my favorite part of NFL season and I look forward to revising and reading everyone else's mocks over the next couple of months.

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