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Atlanta Hawks


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The Atlanta Hawks are currently 33-18. The team is 4th in the conference, 2nd in the division (8-2) 4 games back from the Heat, a home record 23-9 and they have 16-11 road record (one of the best in the east).

Most of the media are not giving the Hawks any attention, except for NBA-TV and majority of the NBA-TV crew work for the Hawks.

2 Allstars (should have been 3!!!)

I think that the Hawks are improving each month under LD, there are some questionable calls that Drew has made in games, but he has decrease the number of minutes for our starters, and we see other players taken critical shots besides Johnson. Also, we are starting to see less iso-Joe and Joe is having a great season.

Elite teams in the east:

Boston: 0-2, each time we played Boston we were not a full strength,I think we give Boston a run in our last game

Miami: 1-1, both games played in Miami, 1st game we were missing Johnson, and we almost won that game if it had not been for the meltdown in the 4th quarter, 2nd game we won in OT...I think we matchup pretty well w/Miami.

Chicago: Have not played them, I think the Hawks match-up well with the Bulls...Part of me really thinks that Chicago is overrated.

Orlando: 2-1, many people will say that the 3rd game did not count because of the trade but the Hawks almost won the game the first time around. Is this a sign that we finally know how to play Howard.

In the east the team no one wanted to face was the Magic but we have won tough games against them this year...I really think we have a chance to go past the 2nd round in the playoffs, because of the coaching staff... The 7 game road test after the allstar break will definitely be a test for us...

What are your thoughts about the Hawks so far?

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