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ATL draft needs

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OK i see that maybe atlanta needs another shut down corner we have 3 good ones but a something little more whats wrong with having 4 good corners all the best defenses do?? Maybe the answer is Brandon Harris a 5-10 corner from The Miami University...He has great speed runs a 4.45 fourty he is great at covering but doesnt come down with the interception that often...his tackling is also a little off and doesnt wrap up that much...How about another defensive lineman abraham is getting old and i have been a little dissapointed with the rest of the line( i mean we had Aaron Rodgers wrapped up 20 times and couldnt tackle him...Theres a lot of people we could take here maybe Kerrigan can be taken in the first round but is he really big enough to be in the NFL **** yea is the answer look at Dwight Freeney 6-1 268 and gets past oline men without a problem....Kerrigan aint very fast but who cares as long as he can actually bring down the **** quarterback....Maybe Heyward will be here i doubt it but if he is then he is definetly worth taking....The next and final position i would like to look at is a UTILITY player or ATHELETE

Im not talking about in the first round im talking about hitting a homerun i think atlanta needs there very own dexter mccluster or joshua cribbs...you know these guys that run 4.4 fourties and can do kr pr wr and rb yeah those guys...im talking about Jerrel Jernigan and Randall Cobb and Noel Devine yeah there small but when those nasty lineman are hitting each other at 6-7 you wont see none of these guys then next thing you know BAMM!!! they bust one on you....and thats what atlanta needs a guy who has BIG PLAY WAITING TO HAPPEN all over him....THANKS FOR READING GUYS and remember GO DIRTY BIRDS!!!

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