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So who is pulling for the Steelers today after

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I don't pick Ben for Fantasy and I don't want to hear the ***kissing that will go on if he gets one. "Is he the greatest qb ever?"

Plus i'd love for GB to win, (woodson is my boy and we shoulda signed him post Raiders) and if they win they will get stripped of a few quality pieces and maybe we can pick up James Jones or someone useful.

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I'd rather see the Packers win. Have heard my fill about Big Ben and Troy Polamalu.

100% agreed. I'm so sick of seeing the steelers in the post season. Even though greenbay kicked our butts, I still think they are as a whole a **** of a lot classier organization than the steelers. Not to mention the off the field issue with ben which makes it appear he is a scumbag.

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