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Just dropped in to say.......


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The Falcons still suck...............................................

Obviously I want to Falcons to destroy the Bucs every time we face them.

But they are both good young teams on the rise. Good coaches that the teams follow, and young QB's and teammates that will be able to grow in the years to come. Neither team sucks. The only thing that sucks is your life I imagine, why else would you have enough time to go on another teams messageboard and troll with jokes that only make preschoolers laugh. At least you could have used some intelligence if you must waste your day in such a fashion.

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while ur polishing ur nob, hold the 2010 schedule in ur non-polishing hand. Then examine the two games against the Atlanta Falcons. 0-2 earns you zero bragging rights and causes one to wonder why someone would call more attention to themselves.

Not the brightest thing for a bucs fan to do but stranger things have happened to paint huffers I guess. SB trophies are like Sales... what have you done for me lately? Now go back to the crack house and tell radio and froman that we got another can of whoop a$$ for em' this year and they might want to hope for a lockout rather than suffer 2 more L's to our team.

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