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So I'm Flipping Through The TV Channels The Other Night...

Theyhateme : )

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Nah, he's actually talking about the show "Watch What Happens Live", which is basically a live show about the Real Houswives. Him and Kim were both on it together and they played a version of the "Newlywed" game.

It wasn't that bad, you could tell how shy he was on camera though.

BTW, the only reason I know this is because my girlfriend is absolutely obsessed with these women, and when she saw Kroy on there she came running into the other room to tell me about, so of course I watched it. :P

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It was a live show.

The live post show is not the same as the regular show. I got the impression he was talking about seeing Kory on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" since that's what he said and thought that was the distraction he was talking about, since he was on a couple of episodes this season. I was just pointing out it's a little late for that, as the filming took place mostly before football season so ole Kory is already caught up, and has been for some time.

If he was talking about the post show, my bad.

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