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So wait, you're not allowed to hug people chest to chest? Can someone explain that to me?

Ain't no side huggin' in my Church.

Of course, we still pass the kiss of peace, too, and we kiss just about everything else in the Nave, too (icons, relics, the Gospel book, the priest's hand after a blessing, each other, the chalice after Communion.....).

So not only is Christian hip hop bad, it also discourages a closer fellowship :D

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A while ago I was flipping through channels at like 4 in the morning and ran across this televangelist named Carman who had the wildest **** ever.

There were exploding cars and agents of Satan shooting MP5's and Carman was like a Christian 007, and then he was wearing a pimp suit and rapping about Jesus and acting all hard, and then there were rainbow-colored bears dancing on the screen with him. It was trippy as ****.

I just looked him up on Youtube and here's part of it-

This dude is off the chain.

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