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Mike Smith signs a 3-year extension


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Here's to another 3 years of winning seasons + more.

*Raises coffee mug*

That's great news, but what about our defense? All my fellow Falcon fans need to unite and help me start a grass roots campaign to accomplish two important changes for our team. Hire a new defensive coordinator! We all know the top defenses have more exotic blitzes, complex coverages, and well disguised intentions. Van Gorder’s schemes are vanilla and we are tired of seeing our team picked apart by the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees.

Second, make a serious bid for Nnamdi Asomugha. Free agent corners like him are very rare and he can immediately improve our weak secondary. He’s better than all or corners from the last 10 years put together and we must jump on this opportunity.

So combine your voice with mine and do what I did – post your requests for these two important changes on the official Falcons website and pass the word on. We can make a difference if we all push for the same things and make them hear us. These 2 changes could bring us a ring next year!

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Giving Smitty an extension is a great move. I'm hoping that the next great coaching move will be adding a QB coach who can help take Matt Ryan to the 'next level' of development and put us in a position to win playoff games, starting with next season.

Smitty and TD have demonstrated that they can improve this team with FA and draft picks, and we should have every confidence that they will continue to do so...with emphasis on the defense this year.

It will be interesting to see who the annual 'surprise' FA acquisition will be this season, and based upon the 'bring him home TD' threads on these boards, the speculation is running rampant!


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