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Offseason Plan


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Free agency:

Tamba Hali DE, I thnk we will be able to pry him away from the cheifs , has the edge speed to get to the qb but also has the power to bull rush offensive tackles,Has violent hand use and can really benifit form the double teams that Abraham will get next season.

Richard Marshall CB,I think can come in and become our nickel back and make our secondary be just as good as the packers, think about it all the teams we lost to beat us with 3 or 4 wide receiver sets with marshall wecan attract the attention toowens man and lock down any offense

2011 Nfl Draft

Round 1:Jon Baldwin WR, has great hadn use to get free of his defender,has the ups we need almost like fiztgerald, has the speed o burn the defence deep,has been questioned about work ethic but had a sucky qb i would love to get this dude

Rouns 2:

Trade 2 round pick and Snelling to broncos for their second round pick

Ryan Williams RB, has that break away speed that we crave in this predictible offence. has the hands to catch out of the backfeild and also has the strenght to run inbettween the tackles, May become the best two back tandem in the league

Round 3:

Lance Kendrinks TE, I really like the upside of this guy has te speed to go down he middle of the field and also is an effective blocker with the guidance of tony g this will become another weapon in Matt Ryans arsenal

Round 4:

Casey Matthews Olb,should have taken his brother but that is another matter,has great pass rush abilitie and isnt a libilitie in poass coverage will statr on speacila teams and maybey fight for that other strong side linbacker position in a few years sot of like what Nicholas did.


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