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Official NSD Announcement Thread/Information Thread.


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It looks like all of our verbal commits are in with the addition of Turene and Crowell.

Signed LOI:

1) Chris Conley

2) Christian LeMay

3) Sterling Bailey

4) Ray Drew

5) Nick Marshall

6) Nathan Theus

7) David Andrews

8) Chris Mayes

9) Sanford Seay

10) Watts Dantzler

11) Amarlo Herrera

12) Devin Bowman

13) Quintavious Harrow

14) Xzavier Ward

15) Zach DeBell

16) Corey Moore

17) Damian Swann

18) Justin Scott-Wesley

19) Hunter Long

20) Kent Turene

21) Jay Rome

22) Malcolm Mitchell

23) Ramik Wilson

24) Chris Sanders

25) Isaiah Crowell...Yeah Baby! Yeah! :D:D

Prospects we hope to sign LOI:

John Jenkins

Dexter Staley

Tre Jackson

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If anyone cares to explain this to me I surely would appreciate it

Per scout.com

Class Ranking top100 5stars 4stars avg

1. Auburn 3 3 14 3.8

2. FSU 11 5 10 3.74

Do they put no emphasis on their top 100?

Maybe my math skills are lacking but I just dont see it

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Yes Crowell is a dawg!!! so dang happy. I loved the hat he picked out to wear and holding that Bulldog Puppy!!!

Very awesome! :D

I missed the announcement cuz I was outside playing in the snow with my wife and our 2 daughters. We live on the border with Mexico so.... gotta play in the snow when ya have a chance, ya know. :D

I'll have to check out his announcement though... that sounds like it was a great moment.

Auburn and Clemson cleaning up today... wasn't expecting Pagan to Bama but that's whatever. I'm a smilin Dawg today. :D

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