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Recommended vacation spots?


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So the wife and I are getting a nice return on our taxes and looking to take a nice vacation somewhere this year. In the past, we've usually paid down bills and we're in a pretty comfortable spot right now in that regard. Throw in that we're hoping to have a mini mookie in the next year or two and this could be our last chance to have a nice, just the two of us, vacation. We've wanted to make it to either Costa Rica or the US Virgin Islands for a few years now and are really open to suggestions. We're looking in the $3,000 to $3,500 range (airfare and accommodations included in that price). We don't have to have a 5 star resort or anything along those lines, but someplace nice.

I love the history and architecture that San Jose, Costa Rica has, but also don't want to spend have the vacation driving to explore everything that CR has to offer. Something tropical would be our preference. In the past, we've been to Cancun, Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but would like something new.

Any suggestions from you guys?

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Egypt is probably a cheap flight right now.

I realize that going to Egypt would not be a good idea at the moment but I 100% recommend a trip there to anyone who can go.

When times are better of course.

My father and I went on a two week trip there 9 years ago to the day...2002. Five months after 911. We lived like kings. The most memorable trip I could ever know!

The Pyramids, Cairo Museum, Alexandria, Roman and Greek ruins, Temple of Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbol. The history is endless. By far the best trip of my life. I was 23. There is nothing like staring at the Nile, cool breeze in my face, drinking a local beer and eating lamb ka-bobs.

I've been all over the world and it's shame what's happening over there. It's a beautiful country full of humble WONDERFUL people.

But alas I knew it couldn't last forever.

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