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starting with offense: thought this was a building year, very impressed in some aspects but dissapointed in alot of others. set at quarterback for years to come. but i would very much like to start looking into replacing Norwood. possibly through draft but preferably through free agency. i like snelling but i would still add possibly both. (change of pace and rb of the future)

recievers: jenkins wouldnt be my choice of sliding to slot but he i am also losing faith in him being my number two. harry douglass doesnt impress me at number 2 but has shown enough in past to allow him to compete for number 3 or 4. Eric Weems is definitly a keeper for obvious special teams reasons. so a number 1 or number 2 reciever is a must. and i would draft low at this position for depth.tight end i would definitly draft 3 or 4th round at this position or trade up into early third late second to fill this need if a must have is on board.

line? alright depth but i think we might lose one of these. when was the last time the falcons spent top dollar on a offensive line free agent. with ryan developing i would definitly make sure this is 1st to 3rd priority in offseason if we lose one of the free agents. again middle round draft for depth.

as far as offense i was almost impressed the whole season. the loss of Norwood really hurt. Jenkins starting late. Douglass starting late. and the rest of the recieving core was almost invisible at first. its like i knew exactly where the ball was going every drop back. white or gonzalez. then Jenkins got back and flashed then disapeared. Polomaulu and tremaine williams knew exactly where our two most crippling offensive misshaps were going because of our lack of another threat. as far as far as the running back field I am still glad to possess a talent as Micheal Turner. But I definitly would love to see him have some help. when Norwood is healthy i notice a dynamic in our offense that is undeniably missed when we have Snelling and Turner sharing the backfield. to me they are the same style of back so there is no gameplanning necessary besides his occassional reception out of the backfield. But Norwood reminds me of byron hanspard. fast as lightning but everytime he touched the ball i was praying that he didnt get killed. and one saturday afternoon in the preseason i saw ray lewis clean him with that straight up running style and the next day i saw him preaching on tv and havent seen him in a uniform since. with norwood i dont want to. he is exciting but its time to move on.

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