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My First Mock Offseason


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***I assume there will be a new CBA.

2010 Recap: A playoff pummeling from the eventual NFC champ Packers has cast a long shadow over an otherwise great season. But despite many fans spending the next few days on the football ledge, the fact remains that the Falcons are closer to a SuperBowl now than they have been in their history (excluding the fluke '98 run). The Falcons have 3 consecutive winning seasons, a great core of talent, and only need a few key moves to put them over the top and in the big game.

Team Needs:

DE - When one player constitutes half your sack total you need help. Across from John Abraham and the underrated Johnathan Babineaux you should see more production. Of course, better pass rush equals better secondary play.

#2 WR - Roddy is awesome. No one else in the WR core even qualifies as an a good compliment. HD and Jenks just aren't the playmakers Matt Ryan needs to take it to the next level.

NB- Smitty himself talks about the importance of this position to our Defense. Chris Owens was abused by GB, but he was replaced long before that with Brian Williams who at 31 is coming his second major knee injury in as many years.

Change of Pace Back - Snelling has good hands, but other than he's pretty much Turner part 2. A speedy RB who can stay healthy is a must.

TE heir apparent - Gonzalez is the best ever. But his skill are eroding quickly and 2011 will likely be his last year. A successor is needed.

O-Line depth

LB depth

Free Agency:

FA Resignings:

Blalock, Dahl, and Clabo - We'll put these together because there's nothing more important to offensive success than good O-line play. They may not be household names, but they make the Falcons offense go. With only the 26th NFL payroll there's plenty of cap room to go around, but if any goes it would most likely be Blalock.

Eric Weems - A special teams demon and big play waiting to happen.

Jason Snelling - A good compliment to Turner, with 44 recs this past year.

Brent Grimes - Gets the highest tender for a RFA.

Stephen Nicholas - Gets the SLB position all to himself next year. With Lofton at MLB and a healthy Spoon at WLB Atl would have a formidable young LB corp.

FA Signings:

1a Charles Johnson DEor 1b Ray Edwards DE- The fact is Rookie DE's take a couple years to pan out if they pan out at all. So I think our one big FA signing will be a DE. Johnson would not only improve our pass rush, but take away the only effective member of Car's d-line. Edwards has benefitted from playing with Jared Allen, but he could also benefit playing with Abraham.

2 Philip Buchanon CB - You could do alot worse for a Nickel than Buchanon. A savvy vet who could be brought in for less money than the top teir, big money CB's. He could start for alot of teams, but makes a perfect NB for Atl.

Draft -

R1 - Torrey Smith WR Maryland - Smith improved steadily each year at Maryland despite just average QB play. He has blazing speed, and reliable hands. He may not profile as a #1 but has all you look for in a true #2 WR. He also has the work ethic and team mentality that TD and Smitty will fall in love with.

R2 - Lance Kendricks TE Wis - Another weapon for Matty Ice. Kendricks isn't a burner but works the soft spots of a defense and has reliable hands. He could also benefit from a year long apprenticeship under Gonzalez.

R3 - Demarco Murray RB Okla - He drops because of a RB filled draft. He's the speedy 3rd down back the falcons lacked when Norwood went down last year. Has excellent recieving skills which will also be boost for the offense. Hey, maybe we'll throw a screen now!

R4 - KJ Wright LB Miss St. - Improved each year while playing for Miss St. Started 3 years in the SEC, and played at both WLB and SLB. That kind of versatility could pay dividends. Has starting potential

R5 - Ryan Winterswyk DE Boise St. - A wise man once said, "You can never have enough good pass rushers."

R6 - Ja Reid OT UCF - A little Oline depth. Could move inside to G as well.

R7 - Derreck Epperson P Baylor - Koenen seemed to regress this year. When your D isn't quite on par yet you need your punting game to be on point. Plus, you don't see many 6'3" 235lbs punters that average 48yds per punt.

Well, feel free to comment.

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If the first 3 rounds of this draft worked out like that I would be ecstatic,however, Demarco Murray is going to go no later than middle of the 2nd round and after the combine I would not be suprosed at all if he is a 1st round pick.

Yeah post combine he could be in the 2nd round easily. But for now I'm putting him there. Maybe Shane Vareen or Kendall Hunter should be there in the 3rd.

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