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New Falcons Mock


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Charles Johnson

Michael Bush


Michael Turner + next years 2nd and 4th for Larry Fitzgerald and Arizona's 5th this year.

1st. Jon Baldwin- He really has a Lot of potential if he can be coached up and knocked around hard enough, We have the consensus best WR coach in the leauge with Terry Robiskie if he could fix Roddy why not let him fix Jon too.

2nd. Lance Kendricks TE- The 2nd best TE on the board, he really has a lot of potential if he could learn how to break more tackles in open space.

3rd. Mark Herzlich OLB- Before Cancer this guy would've likely been a top 5 Pick, he suffered 2 broken bones earlier and coming off cancer put up a rather impressive season for someone who had the plight that he did, If he return to form this we'll give us the best LB corp in the NFL.

4th. Curtis Marsh CB- at 6'0 201 LBs and runs a 4.43, this guy screams nickel back, but like Baldwin he needs to be coached up, if he can be this guy could make our CB corps one of the best in the NFL.

5th. Phil Taylor NT Baylor- Not sure he drops to here, but Arizona is picking very early this round so there's a slight possibility. He weights 355 LBs, this guy is a big body that we need.

5th. Derrick Locke RB- Ok you guys have really presuaded me that this guy is everything he's hyped up to be, if he can stay healthy he could have a great impact on our offense.

6th. Alex Wujiack MLB- Coy Wire is getting older, we really need to get Curtis a quality backup, Wujiack has good insticnts and put up great numbers at Maryland, he runs a 4.8 though, if he can find a way to get over that speed bump(no pun intended) He could really be a nice addition as a backup and STer.

7th. Charles Clay FB, at 6'3 240 Lbs running a 4.63 he's built like a LB, I haven't been able to find tape on him so I can't tell you if his hands are great or not but he should be a good pickup.

7th. Bryant Browning G- Will be nice depth at G, if we Lose Dahl.

7th. Eddie Jones DE- You can never have to many developmental pass rushers. He's been plauged by injuries since HS, however he on't probably see the field at all till his 4th year, assuming he makes the team.

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Pre-Senior Bowl doesn't really matter. The game is really not important. It's the practices that shed the most light on players.

I can't say much about the mock because most mocks involving trades are unrealistic, including one trading away our starting RB.

After this year I dont think Turner will be our starting RB he'll be 30 next year and has already compiled nearly 1k Carries in 3 years, give him another 300 carries this eyar the dude won't last.

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