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Madden 2011


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Madden is hack. (Madden) 11 marks the first year I didn't purchase the game.

Madden 2011 was probably the first year I've been thoroughly disappointed. I was actually one of the people who got excited over Madden 2010, but it took maybe 10 minutes of playing Madden 2011 to make me realized that I just wasted my money for the same game with an upgraded "Ask Madden" feature.

I seriously don't understand how they can honestly put trash like that out on the market.

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It's annoying. It's because "Kotch" is alphabetically the closest name the game has to "Koenan" in the audio database

Ummmm... I dunno.

I tend to agree that they screwed up and have Sam Koch as the ATL kicker (alphabetically, he's right before Koenan), then when they recorded the names, the guy pronounced it "kotch" instead of "cook".

I could be wrong.

But I'm usually not..............B)

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I haven't liked madden since the last one I had for PS2. The PS3 maddens have had better graphics obviously but the game suks IMO

Yeah I always start out with the PS3 version and always end up going back to the PS2 version. I dont really care about graphics, gameplay is more important. Plus Franchise seems to take a huge step back when moving from PS2 to PS3.

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