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Direction of the Team

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A lot of talk is how our passing game laced explosion and down field threat minus Roddy White. Well I have a hunch. The QB needs time to set up deeper routes. To get that time we generally run play action. To get spacing, we play small ball with the passing game. All this is set up to get realistic opportunities deep. If you look at the teams we continually struggle with, it is 3-4 teams with a very good NT (Philly one exception this year).

I see a lot of talk about WR (I agree we need one), but if pouncey is there at 27, I say we take him. As much as I like McClure, he needs help inside.

After watching his brother anchor the Steelers this year as a rookie, I feel good about where we are. I think we also sign Clabo and move Johnson or Hawley to RG and resign Blalock to play LG. I deally, we move Clabo to Guard and have reynolds play RT, if he is ready. This way we have mass and strength from both guards and center.

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I think the Pouncey coming out now is better than his brother. I still think Johnson is our LG though, he was pretty good in college and was the reason LT Andre Smith was selected so high. I don't like Pouncey as much as I do like Wisniewski though who could play Centre better imo. And it's not worth selecting a RG in the 1st round.

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