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12 Iowa football players hospitalized

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Twelve Iowa football players are recovering after being admitted to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Monday evening, the school said in a statement Tuesday.

"The student-athletes were admitted throughout the course of Monday evening," a University of Iowa staff physician said in a statement. "All of the individuals are responding well to treatment as of Tuesday morning. All are in safe and stable condition."

The school would not confirm the identities of the players or their individual medical conditions, but the staff physician and a football team physician confirmed Tuesday the players were responding well to treatment.

"Coach Kirk Ferentz is out of town recruiting, but he is aware of the situation and is being kept abreast of the progress being made," Gary Barta, Iowa's director of athletics, said in the school-released statement. "Our No. 1 concern is the safety of our student-athletes, so we are pleased with the positive feedback. Our next step is to find out what happened so we can avoid this happening in the future."

The school says it's not clear when the players will be discharged.

Calls made to the Iowa sports information office and Barta on Tuesday afternoon weren't immediately returned.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


Very strange story...

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ESPN updated the article with this

The Gazette reports the Iowa players have Rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle fibers that releases myoglobin into the bloodstream. This can affect the kidneys and be can be caused by excessive exercise.

This corresponds with a posting on the Facebook page by Iowa linebacker Jim Poggi, who wrote he was hospitalized after his urine turned brown.

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