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Three years seems like a long time ago


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Just three short years ago, fans of this team were watching a team trying to rebuild from an epic failure in both coaching and players. I don't think there has ever been a team that had to overcome the history of the Atlanta Falcons of 2007. I will never forget how it felt to watch the first pass of a rookie quarterback go for a touchdown after what the franchise had been through the year before.

I remember quite clearly what the new GM said prior to that season and the promises he made to all fans. He promised a team that would be competitive year after year. The record shows that he has delivered on that promise. After a 13 and 3 season and then losing to GB, he said he was going to put together a team that would win in the playoffs. Because he delivered on his first promise, I am optimistic about his latest one.

Odds are that we will see two NFL drafts and then one time of free agency before we see this team take the field again. I am willing to wait and see the moves this team makes before I say TD has failed. He has kept his word so far and no one can dispute that.

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I see a REALLY tough schedule. Am I missing something? 7 games against playoff teams. Two games against the rising Bucs, and a game against a Lions team that that is clearly improving.

Well...they did have 7 games against teams that went to the playoffs this season. Not a lot different and hopefully, the team will be adding a couple of play makers on defense.

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