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Well we down to the last 2 teams!


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Well i dint do my mock until FA is done, cause it just doesn't make sense. But to me the must halves on this team is someone who rushes the passer, and a explosive WR. We know TG is coming back for one more year so i dont see us going that route unless on of the top 4 guys slips ALOT! I know alot of you like this WR from troy but i dont see it. When looking at guys for the draft and FA i think its also important to really look at the kind of guys that realistically fit our kind of player/mold of a player. So for that i just dont see us going with some small type wr as ryan doesnt really like these small guys.

Knowing these things i think it makes it easier to shrink the list of potentials. At this point we know the favorites in the NFC for the coming years are packers, saints, eagles. Knowing this the most important things are getting to these QB and if we get into a shoot out being able to score with them. And as far as wr goes finding a guy who fits our system as well. By that i mean the guy has to be able to block and a guy who can stretch the field. We are a run first team and always will be(another reason i dont see us going with a small wr).

FA WR- james jones,v-jac,sidney rice

Draft-julis jones, L. hankerson, titus young( but hes a 3rd rounder to me)jon baldwin, T. smith

FA DE- charles johnson, ray edwards, mathis kiwanuka, tamba hali

Draft-ryan kerrigan,aldon smith,jabaal sheard, sam acho

Btw if i could get zach miller i would be all over it. Even though i think this is the yea we should spend some money alla(jets) cause i think we are real close. I would assume we will target one of these big names FA as we always do. Then we can re visit this draft thing later!

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