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Falcon Fireman

Now that the Falcons are out, who are you pulling for?  

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  1. 1. Which team are you pulling for?

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I'm kinda torn.

1. I really like the Packers in the NFC because that's a class organization with a lot of great talent on both sides of the ball. Rodgers is excellent out there and he's done a great job of filling Favres shoes so far. Besides, I really like the fans - they were nice even in our devastation. Pulling for their team as they should - but no one was obnoxious - at least not to me.

2. I have always followed the Steelers - before we had a team in Atlanta - I was a Steelers fan and I love their defense. Troy is my favorite NFL player - and I've loved Ward since he was at Georgia. I was pissed that they jumped up and grabbed Pouncey though.

3. Not a Jets fan - but for FalconMama - I hope the Jets get there - she's a good fan and she deserves at least one of her teams in the SB.

4. Lot of respect for the Bears defense and I like what they are doing on offense. I think Lovie is an excellent coach and they are really pulling that offense together finally.

I'm messed up.

OK - so eenie meenie minee mo ...... Packers vs. Jets in SB - Packers win

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Im pulling for the pack and i hope we can get Kevin Kolb in the offseason as a back up for Ryan so if Ryan cant get the job done after this season Kolb can and we could trade Ryan

Dude stop coming on here and posting on every thread that we need to get Kolb and i am pulling for the Steelers

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Not "pulling" for any team so, for me, it is a process of elimination:

Pittsburgh: No way I can "pull" for a possible rapist (at least a complete slime bag) at QB!

New York: No way I can "pull" for a NY team with a coach that is obnoxious and likes to smell feet!

Chicago: No way I can pull for the indifferent and arrogant Cutler (I do really like Lovie Smith, though)!

That leaves Green Bay--I can't think of anyone I loathe, darn it! Plus, I really think that Rodgers is a pretty good guy and if they win it all it won't make the Falcons mammoth collapse look so embarrassing.

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1. I want to root for the packers this weekend because I'd rather lose to the team that wins the Super Bowl.. it just makes me feel better. And from what I'm hearing from all of you their fans were great despite the loss.

2. Steelers over the Jets. I hate this whole talking sh** to the media before games. I think it's classless. Also the Steelers fans for the most part were great to my friend and I when we travelled to the game to open the season. Fair with the sh** talking but cool despite us losing. The city was horrible but still.

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None of them. If the Falcons aren't in the list then I don't root for anyone else. I probably won't watch any of the remaining games either including the SB.

Same here...I'd spend the whole time watching thinking about a 13-3 season and #1 seed just wasted. No way! I wrote earlier that I would "pull" for the packers because I couldn't "pull" for any of the other three. Well, "pull" means to read about it later.

This is a good weekend to take my kids outdoors!

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Packers , if the Falcons arent there, then the Class Act Team , the Packers.

As a kid I was a packer fan, since the days of Bart Starr. Until the Falcons came on the scene, the Pack was my team.

Someone has already eluded to the fact, they are a Class Team, for sure. Great Talent. I liked it when the Falcons beat the Pack earlier this year....and really didnt mind losing to them in the playoffs. What I did mind, was the way in which the Falcons lost...but its all history now. Next Year.

Keep smilin,



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1)The bears

2)The Jets

I am just tired of hearing years after years about the packers and steelers. Yes they talk about the jets too but not as much.

All these years listening about god Favre, now god Rodgers? I sure hope not.

The bears winning it all would make me happy.


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Look at it from a QB standpoint.

You got:

Ben "No means Yes" Rothlesberger

Aaron "Imaginery Title Belt" Rodgers

Jay "Sour Puss" Cutler

Mark "Warm Weather" Sanchez

I gotta say, If I pull for any of 'em it's Sanchez. Even though he is horribly over-rated. At least he doesn't act like a total JackWagon. His coach has that covered. ^_^

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