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Why did Arthur Blank make refrence to the QB postion in his interview.

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I think Blank is saying that the bar has been raised and if Ryan wants to be known as a 'great QB' then he's got to take the next step and start having great performances in playoff games.

Blank wants world championships not just division titles...

Thank you!

It's good someone else gets this.

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My thoughts are that I am sure Matt Ryan wants to succeed in the post season as badly as Arthur Blank wants to succeed in the post season. Probably more.


Matt had one poorly (to Jenkins) and one horribly (to White) thrown football but otherwise was pretty darn accurate in the game. Still, we were only down 14 points with a complete half to play until Green Bay's opening drive.

I can't possibly see how anyone can question this kid's drive and enthusiasm. giving his well documented commitment to overtime film study.

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"You judge a quarterback on how he does in the fourth quarter and the postseason,"

I can guarantee you that if Matt has another poor playoff performance next year and goes 0-3 in the postseason, the heat will be turned up.


Any good "boss" does this. I work in the corporate world and I get reviewed twice a year. Nobody ever gets the highest rating because nobody is perfect. No matter how good you are, there is always something you can improve upon. Matt has only completed 3 years. He will be better next year due to the valuable experience he gained from this year.

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