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Norwood....Re-sign or not?

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Yeah he has been dinged up a lot. But not in the beginning of his career. Modern medicine and rehab is much better than years ago. He can come back. They can make him stronger. And faster. I have seen athletes come back from this kind of injury and many more. Even athletes that had back to back injury marred seasons. Look at Fin. Two devestating knee injuries in back to back years. Played the entire 2010 season. All yall need to see is one more explosive play from Wildwood and you will be back on the bandwagon. Trust me. I say if he's healthy, give him a chance to help his team and win his fans back.

Like I said, draft/sign another back and let them compete.

He is a a vet who the team likes, TD has mentioned him numerous times. When healthy he is a threat that we missed. I dont see hte harm in bringing in a guy to compete and giving him another chance.

If he gets hurt again we have a back up threat, if not we have TWO speed threats out of backfield.

Its a win win.

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I;d say no, because he has had too many injury issues, playing only 12 games in 2 years. It doesn't matter how quick/explosive you are, if you end up on IR then you are no use your team.

If he will resign for low money and if TD feels that we don't have the picks/cap $ to get a repalcement, he may bring him back - but I doubt it.

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