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So, I decided thursday night to buy a plane ticket and game ticket for my first playoff experience

spent the next 36 hours bursting with excitement

left my home in virginia at noon saturday to start the day, 2 planes and 2 MARTA trains later I arrive at the georgia dome and find my seat as the kickoff happens.

The first quarter was an absolutely amazing experience and I will never forget it.

What I will forget and move past is how I felt in the 4th quarter as the packer fans cheered and I sat alone in my section....I had no reason to leave, no where to be til my plane left at 530 am the next day.

I spent 4 hours in the airport chatting with a packer fan from milwaukee who had had an even longer day than me, he was gracious enough not to talk about the game and time passed til my flight.

Normally ESPN or the NFL network are on at my house all the time and I check this forum daily.....but not since saturday until now.....

I am ready for next season and look forward to our next playoff game in the dome...and plan to be there!!

stay faithful true falcon fans...if the aints can win one, we will win many!!!!!

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I already know I'm gonna get flamed, but oh well ima just keep it real. I was over the loss Sunday afternoon. People kept taking jabs and I painfully absorbed them. My reason for getting pass the loss so quick is because I went in expecting the worse. I was the only fan on my job that wasn't talking cocky about our record and how we beat them already. The packers are a darn good football team, who if was healthy all season, could have been sitting in that #1 slot. Not taking anything away from our Falcons, but on paper, if you look past the RB position, they actually had a better team all season long. I think our players may have gotten just a little to confident with our position but who can blame them. Either way I will go into next season with the same mindset as I did this season. Sorry to bore you all. That's just how I feel. :)

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