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Well it was a good season, but it ended on a sour note. Some players really need to up their game or they could be looking at a replacement at their position soon.

1st Harry Douglas I like HD but he was never a factor all year, maybe it was his injury that held him back, but seems like he should be 100% by now.

2nd Thomas Decoud I can't say he played awful, but he never really made the big play, he's young and hopefully will be a great player, but he didn't show that he was a play maker at safety.

3rd Peria Jerry Again maybe its the injury, but for a 1st rounder he hasn't shown the talent, and I think he will have a hard time getting a starting role away from Peters.

4th Sean Weathersoon Another 1st rounder that never made a play all year, He was the player I wanted in the draft, and again injury set him back some, but I never saw the big play capability out of him.

5th Kroy B. I had HUGE hopes for him this year, and although I will give him a passing grade for the year, he just never Blew up as our starting left DE, I think he is a great rotation guy, but I don't see him as a every down starter.

There are others that had their off days but these guys need to step it up, or move out of the way next year.

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