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Matt Ryan doesn't have what it takes to go to the Next Level.

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Okay, here's my take.

Vick is and was a spectacular player. When he was on, he was on. Sure, he would fling the ball 5 feet over even Finneran's reach on a regular basis, but he still produced yards and points, either with his feet or in the air.

However, during his tenure as a falcon, he obviously treated it as just a job and never really committed to bringing the falcons a championship. And i am pretty sure he was playing high on more than one occasion. To each their own though.

However, it did bother me, during those years, that any win depended entirely on Vick. If Vick went down, their was no hope and no season. If he played terrible, the team played terrible. There was never a backup plan or another player to help win. That's not a team. And i am not saying that if the falcons would have had better receivers that Vick would have been better. He would have been the same. Just like this year. When he's able to play his game, he's going to do pretty well. When teams start to figure things out, he struggles adapting to doing things a little different than he's used to doing,whether its being more patient, studying more, and etc., in order to get the team a win. If anyone has ever followed Vick through the media, there is not much denying that Vick is going to do it Vick's way. Win or lose.

On the present team and Matt Ryan:

This is by far, my favorite falcons team. I don't have a favorite on the team yet that rivals my fan-dom? of Tuggle, but as a whole, this team is competitive thanks to a system similar to those used by Pit, N.E., & indy. Defense is a must in these systems though and the falcons haven't arrived on that side of the ball, yet.

As for the offensive side of the ball (not offensive system), i think the falcons are most similar to Indy, in that the falcons rely on ryan to become the Uberquarterback, analyzing and strategically dissecting the defense in order to move the ball down the field. In order for this to work, a team needs a qb that is kind of a prick. Someone who will demand his team to do their jobs so that he can prove to the world that he not a loser. I've always thought Ryan might be a little soft in this area. I always judge a qb by production and not potential after they are drafted in the NFL because for the most part, you never know who will continue to have "IT", until they show "IT".

Ryan has plenty of potential though, especially in a specific system set up around him. Not that he's Peyton Manning, but he could probably get there eventually (Hopefully, sooner than later). He's already got the playoff thing going for him, right? Everyone says he smart and studies and works like no other and this is how Manning got there. But, then again, i remember how Brooking said the same thing about Vick. Well, maybe not the smart part. Ha.

But ryan and smith will need to have the rest of the team clicking come playoff time or the falcons will end up being really similar to the colts. The year they won the superbowl, all the colts were ballin' during the playoffs. All the other years, they were just a good football team and superbowl threat. That's where the falcons are now.

Colt fans tend to be happy folks. Though the Falcons tend to be a little boring to watch offensively at times, its better than losing year after year.

Defense should be pretty good next year. That also makes me happy. Though i have always been a falcons fan, i have always envied steeler's fans for getting to root for those defenses every year.

What else. Well, you know what i mean.

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I LOVE Mike Vick. I don't hold anything against him like alot of others on this board, but my loyalties lie with the Falcons, first and foremost. I;m glad the guy has gotten out the negative spotlight for the most part. He gave all of us some great plays(@MIN in OT and vs Carolina in OT) and exciting seasons. But Matt Ryan is the Falcons QB for the present and for well into the future. Vick left us in a bad situation, and Ryan played a big part in getting us out of that situation, and he did it alot faster than anyone could've ever imagined. Do you think we are the Pittsburg Steelers? This franchise does not own a winning history, and Ryan has put us in contention the past 3 years which is amazing. Ask some of the fan from the 80's and 90's how nice 3 straight winning seasons would have been. I love where this team is going. If Ryan had Roethlisraper or Narc Sanchez's D he would be defending as a back-to-back SB Champ. Its his 3rd year in the league and he has made strides each year. If we are ever going to get to the big show it will be primarily on the back of Matt Ryan. I hate to bust you bubble, but ryan is here for the longhaul and Vick will never put on a Falcons jersey again, plain and simple. Accept it. If you care more about Vick than the Falcons he has his own website with lots of pretty pictures. Correct me if I'm wrong but it took Peyton Manning a while to win his first playoff game as well. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long, but I Love the way the future of this franchise is shaping up. GO BIRDS!!!

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I'll give him yet another pass for losing a playoff game.. It's happened to some of the best.. But if he goes 0-3 in the playoffs or doesn't make the post season at all next year I'm washing my hands of him...He's still relatively young and inexperienced..The lack of arm strength and slow methodical release is sorta troubling when he's forced to face elite defenses..But he still has "something"..I would like to see what would happen if he played with a wide open playbook and agressive play calling.. I want to know if the dink and dunk play calling is a necessity because of his skill set or just a result of a vanilla OC...Either way year 4 will be a "no excuses" season for this team on both sides of the ball...

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