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Maybe the front office knows more about the coaching staff than the fans


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I know that the pain of the loss was so much for some of you that you don't want to think about a lockout, but it looks very much like that is what we are looking at for the 2011 season. I have read everything that I could find from both sides of the issues and am convinced that neither side is going to be willing to compromise enough to come to a CBA in time. To be honest, I get the feeling that the owners are ready to hold out until the players no longer can. People who make 500,000 a year and less won't be willing to hold out as long as someone like Peyton Manning. The owners will just sit back and wait until the players come around to their terms. The owners have planned this since the last CBA. This is evident in the way teams conducted business before the 2010 season. The teams who did sign high price free agents left and right were teams that believed they had a good shot to win it all.

People have asked very valid questions throughout the season (like, Why did we not sign Peppers?)and I want you to consider that some of these may be answered by the fact that the owners wanted to get as much money in the account as they could in 2010 in order to get through a season with no revenue from football. Look at what the owner of the Panthers owners (one of the leaders in the negotiations) did to his team prior to the 2010 season.

From a fan standpoint, it is easy to say that Mr. Blank and TD should have signed this guy and that guy before the 2010 season. The guys I wanted them to sign would have all been high dollar acquisitions and I am convinced that is why they were not even considered. I believe that if they had thought the team would have gotten so close to the Superbowl, they would have anyway. I do not believe that TD thought for a second that this team would win the division this season.

Maybe BVG is not as bad as he appears to be and maybe that holds true for MM as well. I think TD and Mr. Blank feel like adding the right personnel after the lockout is over will make these coaches and their schemes successful. I guess time will tell.

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