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Changes that need or dont need to be made


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Well listen i didnt see the game only the highlights and from what i seen things didnt go good. i couldnt see the game becuase i am over seas right now but from i can read from some of the people on here they are saying we need a new oc and dc and if thats the case wouldnt it make sense for mike smith to bring in his brother in law he is a defense minded coach and i think he might bring something to the table as far as a new oc I dont have any one in mind right now but from the games i seen this year it does seem like we run a simple offense and defense I dont know if its because of the people (talent) we have or the scheme we run but I think they need to be changes and they need to be made fast and before anyone says that I am saying that the oc and dc should be fired I am not saying that I am saying if its true what I am readiing on here from people who would be good fits here in Atlanta.

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