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Brian Billick just said it on NFLN


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Wasn't the offense on the field for a grand total of 20 minutes and generated about 200 yards? I don't know about you but that tells me the problems are on offense. Sure, there are holes to fill on defense but they can be fixed through free agency much more easily than the holes on offense.

This is a great year to pick up a lot of good talent on defense in free agency... hopefully TD will spend some of Mr. Blank's money. ^_^

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our offense can't go on the field when the defense can't get off of it.

So true. Did anyone see the money Chicago Bears pulled out in the FA?

Now they're in NFC Championship games. Pull out some money please. We don't want to wait another 2-3 years for this team to build up. Especially when we went 13-3. We have to keep pushing forward.

Next season, upgrade on defense! Especially againts the secondary and try not give so many big running plays. :/


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Everybody's talking about the offensive side of the ball, but he said he would still go defense first. And that's

coming from an offensive minded coach. And I agree. We need a DE and another starting CB. Grimes can be our NB.

I hope we go BPA regardless of what side of the ball. We have a roster--we need more playmakers. And, to be honest, on the Defensive side I think a key FA signing or two might bolster the defense a lot better than another unproven rookie

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While the defense has improved, I have to agree with Billick. We allowed the Packers to score TD's on five consecutive long drives. I think that our greatest weakness lies in defending third down. We allowed way too many conversions this season. Our coaching staff has made it a priority to stop the run. They have succeeded. Now, we have to improve the pass defense. To do that, we have to have the following 3 improvements:

1. We have to have three CB's that can cover man to man. Our nickle CB has to be as talented and intelligent as our starting CB's. This league is pass-oriented and a nickle back is no longer a luxury.

2. We have to have two DE's that can put pressure on QB's consistently. JA is great, but his age will catch up to him soon. We need to prepare a line of succession for him as well as provide a complimentary DE on the opposite side.

3. We need three intelligent LB's that can cover pass routes as well as they stop the run.

The real question is how TD can best address these needs.

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