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What exactly is wrong with our O-Line?


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We do not have a real finesse o-line. You call it nasty, I call it not a good pass blocking o-line.

Dahl should be replaced. Capers did a heck of a job, that he sent Matthews against Dahl. Clabo did his part against Matthews, but Dahl is a poor pass blocker.

The other problem is, that Baker gets bull rushed in Ryan or struggles against really speed rushers.

I think, that this O-line is a good solid group, but the packers did not blitz the house and the protetion was not awful, aber I did not see a clean pocket.

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They were built for the run. Athletic enough to pull and still get down the field and play through the whistle.

With help from tight ends and running backs and protection schemes which get the ball out fast or roll out the QB and execute a lot of quick short passes - they can be effective on the pass plays as well.

Until they run up against one of those huge lines - especially the 3-4 lines and try to hold a pocket. They just don't have the strength to win one on one.

Even when they successfully create a pocket - it's very small and in the backfield.

They play hard and they play nasty and they bring it with every play. There are just times when they are facing those big athletic lines where no matter how nasty and hard they play - they are minimally effective and at times downright ineffective.

I think with a little heft thrown in there - they will be much more successful. We still need athletic guys who can pull for the run and get down the field - but we need more heft to handle the pass protection.

One thing I won't say about the line is that they don't try. They do - they play their hearts out - they are smart and they are technically sound.

They just aren't strong enough against a good line with size.

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