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A wish for all of you


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I just wanted to wish all of you real fans a little peace about what happened this past Saturday night. I know it was a hard loss and even harder because it was a beat down, but the sun came up on Sunday morning and life goes on. We've seen this before and as one poster pointed out in one of the threads, this was not as bad as the loss to the Cowboys after the 1980 season. That truly was the best team in the NFL that year and EVERYONE knew it. It wasn't like this year when everyone and their brother said the Falcons weren't good enough. We got through that and we will get through this as well.

The team was a few players away this season and that was the difference this time around. Maybe between now and the next time we see the team take the field those players will be added. I personally think that having another pass rusher the likes of Abe would have made a tremendous difference in the game. Add in a better safety or two and who knows where this team will go.

The worst part is that we are probably going to go through an NFL lockout between now and when they take the field again. Life will still go on and a CBA will eventually be reached. Until then, I challenge all of us (myself especially) to put the passion and enthusiasm we have for this team into the more important areas in our lives.

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