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Planning Smart & Playing Smart in Big Games & why the Falcons dont rise up and live in the moment to seize big opportunities when they are presented

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Planning Smart & Playing Smart in Big Games &

Why are the Falcons incapable of rising up, living in the moment to seize big opportunities when they present themselves?

I'm sorry but after re-thinking about this I dont buy this put on a happy face mood from Coach Mike Smith or the argument that "we'll we are ahead of schedule on our 3 year plan"

If we had played down to the wire and lost by the last possession--I could accept what he is saying and agree with it

BUT---we got so out-coached and so out-planned---what the H*ll was this coaching staff doing for the last 2 weeks???

We looked like we just took for granted that we are winning like we were playing the Carolina Panthers again in week 17. We BARELY beat the Packers earlier in the year------SERIOUSLY------ what the h*ll were these coaches thinking?

Mike Smith: ‘We coached a very poor football game’

Yeah....No SH*T

Mike Smith and at least Mike Mularkey have been in this league long enough to know that #1 seeds are pretty rare and (yes its nice to think that that is your goal every year but lets face it--a realistic goal is making the playoffs wildcard or better each year-----#1 seed is a rare opportunity)

and with that rare opportunity---this is the game planning that they come up with???

At LEAST 1 head should roll here ---either Mularkey or BVG

BVG--Probably makes more sense to replace BVG----but we have to remember---WHO will replace him--if there are not significantly better people realistically available as an alternative then i can possibly buy the continuity argument ---I am not sure who is available

MM-- Even though i think Josh McDaniels is NOT a good HC---when he was OC he was very good

I am not sure who else is available --but I would definitely replace MM with JM or someone else

Coach Smith---at least be smart enough to plan for the future to make that call to replace at least 1 of them after this Jr. Varsity showing

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