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What I love about this Falcons team


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I'm as disappointed as anyone about the outcome of Saturday's game. In conversations, I was speaking in absolutes about 'when' the Falcons won the Super Bowl, rather than 'if,' and felt confident about beating the Pack again, at home. Being honest with myself, I'm a Falcons fan, and we all know that means we have some doubts about being able to finish. That's a culture that's clearly changing, and it's a mindset that I'm actively trying to overcome.

What that requires is having regular season success year after year. The more chances we have to get to the playoffs, the more chances we have to get to the Super Bowl. What I love about the current regime is that every year for the last 3, we've been worth watching for 16 games, rather than becoming irrelevant after week 8. This year, we were relevant through 3 quarters of the Divisional round of the playoffs.

We will lose some guys in the offseason, but we have a front office and core of guys who are not interested in just being 'good enough.' They want to be the best, and they know what they need to improve. We have stability that we've never had before in our franchise history, and that can only lead to good things. Despite all the gloom and doom, and many fans wanting to fire everyone they can name, we don't have an emotional and reactionary management. That's a good thing. The guys who got us to 11-5, then 9-7, and now 13-3 are the same guys who will eventually guide us to a Super Bowl.

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