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Packers expose slew of Falcons Issues


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ATLANTA -- The Falcons will eventually watch film Sunday of their destruction at the hands of the Packers here Saturday night. They better not come away with the idea they simply played a bad game.

They might say that for public consumption, but the realists in camp will not debate. They played bad for a reason.

They have urgent issues that were apparent in the 48-21 rout.

Aaron Rodgers thoroughly outplayed Matt Ryan, who made poor decisions on some throws and had no mobility to get out of a jam. One thing you might see in the offseason is a project to get Ryan on the move so he can slide from danger and keep plays alive.

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They say Ryan studies QBs during the off season, maybe this year he should pick those QBs who can escape the rush and extend plays.

I know Baker had Stivek beside him alot, but Blalock, Dahl, and Clabo all 3 got beat.

The GB offense played similar to the N.O. offense and e3veryone knows the Falcons have trouble stopping that type offense. If Atl. stays with the same defensive strategy look for many teams to game plan a N.O. type offense aginst them next year.

The GB defense played similar to the Chicago defense and everyone has trouble beating that defense.

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I dont know ppl - go watch all the interviews and go here


were all so shocked we got beat??!?! and all this talk in press conf and interviews about how it was just us, "we just played bad" "had a bad game", "uncharactaristic" - I would say yes if u are blowing ppl out all year and winning by comfy margins but we squeeked by in most games this year -

This not giving green bay much credit, go listen to smiths presser - he keeeps on and on about how it was just poorly played not that GB is that much better - we did get pressure BTW even with 3 rushing, he just avoided it not because we played poorly because he is THAT athletic.

Seriously, there is one man that is calling a spade a spade and that is abraham, "we got outplayed" and he says **** point the finger at him first but aludes to I think there was a lot going on some of the guys werent agreeing with the coaches on.

I feel that there is a little hypocrisy going on in that all week we are saying oh - its a new season and were starting over, then when we got thrashed, it oh - lets look at how good we are - were shocked, or it was "uncharactaristic" of us - well its a new season u guys are supposed to know the game startes fresh and u will see totally new schemes and things not shown during reg season so please stop going back to it and admit what might really be going on - and I just cant sit here being a life long fan and say how great we are - how are we so shocked if we admitted ourselves that the season starts over in the playoffs and nothing carries over from reg season?

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