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Observations from Saturday


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From up in the stands, there are a few things I noticed.

1. We never got pressure up the middle. When we blitzed, it was always unimaginative 5-man rushes with an LB or DB coming off the edge. No twists, no a-gap blitzes just base 3 and 4 man rushes with an occasional extra guy thrown in. You can't allow a quality QB room to stand and step up.

2. Dunta Robinson may be a good CB but he is not suited to BVG's scheme. This isn't Madden, you don't play just any player in any scheme. One or the other needs to change.

3. 2 straight early picks on DT's and not much to show. Let's hope the Jerry and Peters come along quickly because our lack of rush in the middle is a real issue.

4. We do a very poor job of scouting ourselves. In 2008, Ryan was tipping the snap count and we never picked up on it until after the Cardinals sent us home. This season, on 3rd and long, you could count on Ryan throwing to either Jenkins running an out from the slot or White on a comeback as a single wide out. Williams broke on that fateful last pass of the half BEFORE the ball was out of Ryan's hand. We need to anticipate how defenses will react to our tendencies and exploit that. We are playing checkers in a chess match.

5. We lack the kind of nasty edge that it takes to succeed in the NFL. Grimes had a clear shot on Rogers on his TD run and jumped over him. He needed to lay that guy out. Period.

6. After the 2nd time that Rogers spun upfield to escape backside pressure, you would think we would learn from that. Poor individual efforts and a real lack of adjusting to your opponent.

In summary, we simply seemed very poorly prepared. The Packers did the same thing to us that they did last time and we completely failed to game plan for it. Highly disappointing.

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