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With the 27th pick in the draft, the Falcons select.......


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I say we draft a WR or TE with our 1st pick...We've gone defense for a couple of years now and I think it's about time for us to address our "lack of dynamic play" issues on offense.

We have good "pieces" on offense, but nothing that "puts fear" into opposing defensive coordinators/players. Besides, Gonzalez is nearing retirement and is not able to stretch the field as he did in previous years. It's not a knock against him...just calling it like many us have witnessed it.

Also, Roddy could REALLY use some CONSISTENT help to keep opposing defenses honest...Jenks, HD, and Finn (as much as I like him) just ain't gonna cut it. We HAVE to find a way to keep pace with other teams on offense. A "ball control" offense is OK, however, it's a detriment when we're forced to play catch up.

I disagree with drafting a LT in the 1st round unless he's the #1 tackle on the board. A rookie left tackle will probably fair no better than Baker right now, as there will be a "learning curve" for any rookie LT to overcome. I say we address the LT and/or DE need via free agency, providing the money is there to do so.

I think we should go:

Round 1 - WR/TE

Round 2 - RB (speed back with good hands; Derrick Locke from Kentucky comes to mind if he comes out; runs hard, has excellent hands, has 4.2 speed and has faced SEC level competition!! He may be there in the 3rd round and cost us less money)

Round 3 - LT/CB

Round 4 - OLB

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Can we select a Defensive Coordinator with the 27th pick? happy.gif

only if we can trade up to get a good one LOL

I'd like to hope we have some capable OL backups already in place, but I think we REALLY need to upgrade Baker, he just doesn't seem to be making the grade and i'd like to see us address that issue early in the draft

i'm wondering why so many are saying we go TE, i was actually pretty impressed with Palmer, I know he didn't get much playing time, but who would with TonyG here? when Peele was out a few games he did all right. If we used our TE more like the pats do, maybe we'd know more about him, but i think that's our future right there.

other than 08, we seem to be more of a 'bring the rookies along' type coaching staff than a 'throw them in there and use them' type. i wonder why i see so many other teams playing their rookies and ours stay inactive or sit. would Franks have done any WORSE than owens saturday night?

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I would go with a DE or LT in the first round, I think. But it all depends on how active we are in free agency and what our strategy there is. I think we need to sign a FA OL, preferably a guard (I like Mankins), and draft a LT if possible.

I also want to see us add a really good DT to the rotation; one who can get upfield and rush the passer and collapse the pocket into the QB's lap. I would look to draft a guy for this spot.

I wouldn't address the TE position until the later rounds of the draft if at all, because I think we may already have Tony G's. replacement on the roster in Michael Palmer. Plus Gonzalez is very likely to return, I think.

I would sign a good FA wr this year. Not a great one who wants to be a #1 guy, but someone who is a dependable playmaker out there. I can't believe I am saying this, but I would give consideration to signing TO at this point in time. He's still got real ability to play and we could get him at a reasonable price.

More than anything I think we have to improve our pass rush immediately. To do that we have to add a pass rusher at DT, and a pass rusher at DE. Biermann is a good player, but I think he is a backup guy and not a starter. Plus Abe has got to be down to only a year or two left at this point.

I think we need to address the following positions this off season:

1) DE- without pressure on the qb, we are incompetant as a pass D. Biermann is a crowd pleaser because he works really hard and has a good motor; but I think he is limited athletically speaking and he has a low ceiling. The kid from Wisconsin has great size, and speed to go with it. Also, I love Ironhead's son, Cameron. That kid is going to make a real impression on the NFL, I predict.

2) DT- has to be able to rush the passer and cause havoc. So many of us here talk about how much we like the backup players on our roster, but I don't think they are really the types of guys we need. It's time to create a forceful rotation of at least 4 DT's who can whip people up front.

3) LT- Baker is not a good NFL LT. Can he play the RT spot? I don't know if he is a physical enough run blocker to play that spot which might also limit his ability to move to a guard position as well.

4) RB- need a playmaker who can become a starter in a year or two.I'm not looking for a speedster to compliment Turner, but a complete back to take Turner's spot in the near future. Turner is a tough dude, but he is limited to only doing certain things well, and we need a bigger threat back there.

5)CB- got to have talented depth, and I'm not sure we have that. This is a spot we could fill through free agency, I believe.

6) WR- I still like Jenkins, but maybe he's a #3 and not #2.

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Why do some of y'all want a WR? Not going to happen in the 1st guys... Jenkins is pretty solid and roddy is top 5 in the league.. Yes we need another WR but we have more pressing needs on the Defense such as DE, Cb, DT, S...

i agree, however i would add that RB is just as important. Turner is great but we need someone who can take a good amount of his carries, to keep him fresh.

mark ingram.

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I think our biggest need right now is a DE followed by a speedy RB that can stay healthy. Secondary could also use some help. I like DeCoud, but I'm not sold on him yet.

I agree that we could use another WR. But there are bigger needs in other areas besides WR at the moment. Douglas isn't the answer as a #3 WR and Finnerman is on his last legs.

We also have to address the OL situation with some key guys becoming free agents.

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