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Playstation 3 for $39.99 brand new

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I got a 250GB PS3 for $50 cheaper than it had been listed last year on Amazon, from what I believe was a misspricing. It was about this time last year, maybe a little later.

I had been eyeing the PS3 since last Christmas because my XBox had broke for the last time, and one day I got on and the big PS3 was only $299 when it had been about $350-360 for a while. It bought it immediately. It returned back to $350 in a couple of days. I think that was supposed to be the PS3 120GB price, but they just messed up.

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Amazon only listed the item. The item is being sold through target. So both of them are going to have to decide what to do. Either way, no excuse for leaving something up like this for 8 hours after countless calls from people asking about it.

they caclled the order, refunded you the money and sent an apology email

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