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The last person to post wins thread is BACK!

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So Steve_Bartkowski has been creating threads about Obama the socialist, then deleting them when he doesn't like the responses and re-posting the exact same thread.

We are now on the fourth iteration of this thread, and a lot of us have decided to turn this into the "person who posts last wins" thread because, unlike the previous versions, this one actually has an ending to it.

Sooooo, I won the last iteration (number 3). The next iteration is currently underway. The person who posts last in Steve_Bartkowski's "Obama Ism" thread before he deletes it and starts a new thread WINS!

Ready, set, GO!

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You did not. He just deleted both the thread that proved I won AND the one where I claimed victory (we're on AT LEAST iteration 5 of that stupid ish).

Oh yes I DID! And I'll have to dig up the thread where Steve calls MLK a "socialist Marxist" because of his thoughts on the March for the Poor or whatever it's called that MLK organized.

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