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How many more seasons should we give Matt Ryan before we trade or cut him?


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  1. 1. How many more seasons should we give Matt Ryan?

    • 1 more season
    • 2 more seasons
    • 3 more seasons
    • trade him now

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it happened once, answer me this, since mark sanchez outplayed tom brady today, does that mean mark sanchez is better then tom brady. YOUR ARGUEMENT IS FLAWED, SHUT UR MOUTH AND GET OFF THE BOARD U TROLL


Dude sanchez has a defense that gets him turnovers all the time. Bradys defense sucks. Kolbs defense sucked when he was starting for the Eagles, but he still wins games. Kolb doesnt need to depend on a run game to play great. Ryan struggles and showed time and time again he cant carry this team if our defense or rbs have a bad day. Kolb is in a pass happy offense. So Murlarkey could open the playbook more for him.

Im just saying that when kolb is up for trade get him. Qbs dont come around like him often.

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Chris Weinke outplayed Vick. 12/24/2006.

Using your obviously ******** logic, Weinke > Vick. You agree, of course.

Kevin Kolb against us, was 23/29, had a 79.3 completion percentage, 3 tds, 326 yrds passing, with 133.6 QB rating now lets look at Ryans stats in that same game

Ryan was 23/42, 54.8 completion percentage, 250 yds passing, 78.5 QB rating, 1 interception, and 2 TDS , AGAINST THE LAST RANKED REDZONE DEFENSE IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE IN THE LAST 25 YEARS.

DONT YOU DARE SIT UP HERE AND TELL ME, MATT RYAN IS BETTER THAN KEVIN KOLB. We had better trade for Kolb unless we want to continue to lose in the playoffs. Or if the Eagles change their minds about trading Kolb, Then Ryan should only get one more season to show he can win a playoff game. WEVE GIVEN HIM 3 SEASONS ALREADY.

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Ryan didn't play very good on Saturday, but getting rid of him would be ridiculous. The defense completely killed them. It forced Ryan to try to match TD's with GB. Where was the hurry up in the 1st half? Where was the protection? All lead to Ryan having a bad game. Hopefully he bounces back, but don't get rid of him.

And please no Kolb. He hasn't impressed me at all.

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let's say we cut ryan right now. who do you suggest we replace him with? a rookie? someone already on the roster? a FA?

I said replace Ryan with Kevin Kolb Kolb. Against us, Kolb passed for 326 yds,was 23/29, Had a completion pct of 79.3, QB rating of 133.6 and 3 Tds

Matt Ryan in that same game- Passed for 250 yards, 54.8 completion pct, 78.5 QB rating, 1 interception and ONLY 2TDS on that Eagles defense which is not only the last ranked redzone defense in the entire league in the last 25 yrs, but they set a record because they were so awful and Ryan only throws 2 tds?

Man brang Kevin Kolb here to replace Ryan before its to late. Like i said yall laughing now, but Ryan is not the answer. Kevin kolb in his first two starts had back to back 300 yard + games. He even outplayed Ryan as i illustrated earlier in this post.

Matt Ryan is the reason MM not opening up the playbook. Ryan is a limited QB that cant throw the deep ball. Ryan aint the type of QB that can carry a team when his defense or run game is having a bad day. He is just not that type of Qb. Only QBs that can carry a team without help from defense and a great run game are Vick , Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rodgers.

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this is ridiculous. matt ryan was hurt in the 2nd half of last season, rookie season was amazing and rare, 3rd season was unbelievable. all his come from behind wins and all hes done and you guys want him ousted after 1 playoff loss? are you guys crazy? the problem is not him or his arm, its our defense not getting off the field! our offense is missing one key peice and that is a quick shifty wr and downfeild threat, douglas hasnt matured yet so we may need to pick one up. our problem is on the defensive side of the ball. ryan is better then flacco and sanchez and we should get rid of him? what football knowledge do you guys have? those 2 qbs have defenses. this topic is insulting and treason and shold be removed. gb put up almost 50 in our house!! and ryan is why we lost huh? get outta here with this mess.

What come from behind Victories? You mean the ones against horrid teams under 500. ? You seem to forget Most of our schedule was fairly easy. The Saints werent all that good this season. We had to play the Bucs twice and they hadnt beat any good teams, We had to play carolina twice, they are horrid and the entire NFC WEST and you guys actually thought we were the best team in the NFC and were going to th superbowl? CHILD PLEASE!

Every since Ryan been here hes gotten a favorable schedule. Out of all them teams i named 9 of them were automatic gimmes because those teams sucked.

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You keep repeating yourself about that one game as if it were important or an indicator of anything outside of that one game. Are you having a stroke or something?

Aaron Rodgers put up even worse numbers than Ryan against that Philly defense in the regular season. And when we played the Packers the first time around, Rodgers wasn't able to do nearly as well against us as Kolb did earlier. Do you think the Packers should trade Rodgers for Kolb?

Like I said earlier- you are either a troll or seriously, seriously stupid. Which one is it?

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Im not an Eagles fan. Im a Falcons fan. Why would you call me that?

You are an embarrassment. Over 1/2 the league's GMs would give their left nut for a QB like Ryan. Stupidity reigns supreme when homers lose playoff games. These types of losses expose really stupid people. Matt Ryan is the definition of a franchise QB. Same arm strength as 3 time SB winner Tom Brady.

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